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The return of the legendary Rogers brand to the market is exciting for lovers of classic drums and is inviting the attention of a new generation of fans.

Along with the launch of the all-new Rogers Dyna-sonic range of snares, Rogers is now producing authentic replacement parts for classic Dyna-Sonic snare drums.

When Rogers embarked on producing an all-new version of  Dyna-Sonic Drum as well as the newly released Covington series drum dIts, Rogers USA set out to faithfully recreate all of the drum parts used on the original Rogers parts and hardware. At the same time, efforts were made to update the hardware’s structure and materials to be able to meet the demands of today’s modern player in live and studio conditions.

The company now offers a full array of this hardware individually as authentic Dyna-Sonic replacement parts. These include the following:

  • Bread & Butter and Center lugs
  • Swivo-Matic throw-off
  • Swivo-Matic butt end
  • Batter and bottom Dyna-Sonic hoops
  • Dyna-Sonic snare gates
  • Rogers internal tone controlling muffler
  • Dyna-Sonic snare wires
  • Dyna-Sonic Snare Rail
  • Tension screws
  • Rogers badge
  • Rogers drum keys.

Soon these parts will be available online for order at


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